MERLIN Movie Trilogy Currently in Development!

Merlin Movie Trilogy

Brought to you by from Comic-Con 2012:

One of the big news items to come out of Comic-Con 2012, is the BBC and Syfy series MERLIN is getting ready to develop a trilogy of theatrical films based on the TV series which is heading into its fifth season.

Though co-creator and executive producer Johnny Capps isn’t sure which form they will take, he talk a little bit about the plan.

“We’re in discussions with BBC about Season 6, but we’re talking about the movies,” says Capps. “We’re hopefully going to do a trilogy – three movies. We will focus on them when we finish Season 5.”

The MERLIN movies could potentially re-tell the MERLIN story by focusing on storylines not included in the first five (or six) seasons.

“One idea we’ve been playing around with is to reboot the whole series [for the films],” says Capps. “We would go back in time and start the story again and show different parts that you didn’t see in the series. The other idea is to do a continuation, but we haven’t decided yet.”

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  1. hello dear colin. my name is zari .i”m 15 and one of your fans i love you…
    you are in my heart***

  2. omg I’m watching doctor who and merlin decides to make an appearance. WHAT EVEN

  3. OMG I am like the biggest colin morgan fan ever. I LOVE YOU COLIN!!! My biggest fear is that the world’s gonna end before season 5 of Merlin. Cuz that would mean colin’s dead… and so am I…

  4. Is there really going to be a trilogy?? That’s fantastic! I love this show. Here’s my review on it for you Merlin lovers:

    Thanks for the info :)

  5. just make sure to NOT change the main cast!!!

  6. hi
    i love u colin

  7. OMGeerdd please make a film it will be awesomee :D

  8. Wow, the strange places that you can end up when you have Google as your homepage. Anyway, I was on the search for this rumor about a trilogy and hoping that it would be so (since I only started watching the show about two weeks ago and it is already coming to a close -_-). Well, I have read more on the site previous to this one that is more recent that there isn’t going to be a trilogy. I am sure that once I see the last episode that I’ll be perfectly fine with that.

    Except that it means that a great medieval magic show is ending and there aren’t any (good) new ones to start watching as well. Perhaps it is my strange obsession with magic, very old settings, AND plenty of action, but there simply need to be more shows like Merlin! Not all based on the Arthurian legend (omg, the overkill would be awful), but more that are set in the same sort of time range that follow a creative story line that doesn’t follow any old legends (though great as they are). Just more old world.

  9. wow!!! a trilology would be great! as long as they use all the same cast members! i hope they do, i have heard other things about it but this better be true! Merlin cant really be gone from our screens yet.
    Merlin is my favourite tv programme ever, and i love the whole cast they all did a great job.

  10. Arrgh..I’m a Merlin addict…which means I love the stories and entire cast. Couldn’t wait til May, so I bought season 5. The Dragon’s call and the Hollow Queen, in my opinion, the best episodes of Merlin. Daigal character great. Separate note: Really surprised at your female fan base. Anyways…thanks for entertaining me, and my brother’s kids the last 5 years. Also, I always tell my beginning acting friends to watch you on Merlin. Because you’re a great, facial expression actor. Done. Didn’t mean to go this long. But you’re co-stars shine as well. Morgana, Gaius, and Anhony Head, etc. Okay, I forgot their names. Heck, I didn’t even know your real name, until I realized I’m a Merlin geek. And koved the director’s work in the Hollow Queen . Here’s hoping there are movies made. :)

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  12. My gratitude goes to the producers of Merlin for the entertainment, the thrill and the opportunity of seeing Colin Morgan. His face is a poem not only because of its beauty, but because the many different feelings and inspirations you get from it. One can feel joy, love, humor, heroism, innocence and so much more in Colin’s face. My life was so enriched by him. He helped me forget for a moment the struggles and difficulties of my life, and made me a happier and more compassionate human being. And to top it all off, I’m not 15 or even 20 years old. I’m a 66 year old senior!!! Thanks so much for the company and the warmth you provided me. (Could someone please send this to him?!! Thank you!)

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